Mt Rushmore Birds is proud to be a member in the following organizations:

The BLACK HILLS COMPANION BIRD CLUB – Meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Rapid City Public Library. Any person interested in aviculture is eligible for membership. Our objective is to promote better birds by improved care and breeding; to have fellowship with others interested in companion birds; to educate members and the general public in the best care and well being of companion birds and to improve public awareness of companion birds. Without regard to age or whether you have a Finch or Macaw or anything in between, you are welcome.

As a public educational program, the Black Hills Companion Bird Club sponsors BIRDS AND BLOOMS DAY at the Jolly Lane Green House the last Saturday of January. For more information about the Companion Bird Club give us a call.

Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture – Denver, Colorado

National Cockatiel Society

International Conure Association

Greater Omaha Cage Bird Society – Omaha, Nebraska

American Federation of Aviculturists

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