Looking for a pet bird? Consider a Parakeet. Listed as one of the top ten talking birds these little parrots make great pets. The word “Parakeet” means long tail! There are up to 90 species of long tail parakeets they come in all sizes and colors. To name a few you might find Roselle’s, Red Rumped Parakeets, or Bourke’s .

One of my favorite Parakeets is the English Budgie (Budgerigar) or English Parakeet. Budgies are a man made breed. They have been selectively bred to have larger heads and bigger chest. They tend to be good talkers and a little more laid back then the normal Parakeet. Now might be a good time to add that the word Budgerigar means” Good to eat”.

Parakeets in the wild can be found throughout Asia, Australia, Africa and Central and South America. The parakeet’s natural color is green. All other colors are mutations. The waxy skin at the base of the beak is called the cere. In a young bird it is very pale. In an adult bird it will be a strong blue if it is a male and brown in a female; so you can always tell the sex of your new little bird. They generally live 5-8 years.

The Parakeet is the most popular pet bird followed only by the Cockatiel. Most pet stores carry the typical Parakeet. You might need to locate a bird breeder to find the English Budgie.

If you decide to try your luck with a Parakeet or English Budgie remember it is a bird with a long tail so buy him an extra large cage and don’t put the perch to close to the sides. He needs room to get his tail around the cage. Give him lots of toys, a good diet and love. Your bird will be a great feathered friend.

Patrick & Barbara Paur
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